In a futuristic City without a name, warring crime syndicates and corrupt mega-corporations vie for the most precious commodity of all: power.

Cities of the Dead,” follows the life of Shinra, a high-ranking member of the revolutionary crime syndicate Kingdom Come. The story takes place in an unnamed, highly futuristic City (called The City, always capitalized) where corrupt mega-corporations vie against massive criminal syndicates for control of the populace. The government is both inept and ineffectual, filled out mostly by rich autocrats, while the Valkyr—the police force of the city—can do little but rely on mercenaries and brutal shows of military force to keep the peace.

To make matters worse, roughly 5% of the population possesses the supernatural ability to transform into inhuman monstrosities. Distinguished by the presence of the Avatar Sign, a cursed brand appearing on the body at birth, those so marked find their bodies invaded, their psyche now host to their own unique psionic entity. These otherworldly entities—though styling themselves long-forgotten gods and demons—act in complete symbiosis with their vessels, granting them superhuman abilities and untold power…so long as they are kept well fed.

The story begins with Shinra returning from the far outskirts of the City after completing a four-year long mission for Baotomi, the leader of Kingdom Come. It then follows Shinra throughout Baotomi’s rebellion, chronicling his place within it and everything that happens because he is part of it.

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