Character Bios [Brief]

Note: While efforts were taken to minimize spoilers, this list best serves as a reference for readers who’ve lost track of existing/already introduced characters, those who have already appeared.  Reading ahead or reading up on other characters who’ve yet to be introduced may dilute the reading experience.

spoiler free zone; under construction

Baotomi Corvino – The Revolutionary; he is the bastard son of of a high-ranking Merchant Lord, now disowned. As the leader of Kingdom Come, he plans to overthrow the current autocratic regime of the City by any means necessary. Human.

Bartiel – The King;

Celine – The Concubine; an Alice who Baotomi has taken a shine to, but whose contract he can’t buy out just yet, forcing them to meet strictly through business.

Ci-Krus – The Hunter;

Deidre Petrakis – The Informant; an archivist-slash-information-runner for the local Syndicates and drug cartels in her part of the City, Deidre knows who’s really in charge of things and does her best to make sure that the little guys have a chance at surviving too. She is possessed by Atlanta, and her Brand–which dominates the back of her left shoulder–is in the shape of a quiver designed to look like an open mouth, the arrows sticking out of its side resembling tusks. Shinra calls her “Deets,” to piss her off.

  • Atlanta: female, patterns herself after a large, demonic boar. Her element is earth.

Geoffrey – The Addict;

Jessiv Sidereal – The Conscience; Shinra’s older brother, and the sole survivor of a drug deal that went south some time before the start of the story. He is treated as the left hand of Baotomi, and marked by Dhumavati. His brand is in the shape of a paper fan mixed with an open, toothy mouth situated beneath his jaw.

  • Dhumavati: female, patterns herself after an Egyptian vulture. Her element is ash, or smoke.

Kannazuki Asahina – The Strategist; an executive of Kingdom Come. Brilliant, albeit lacking compassion and empathy for others; she spends more time running the more complex aspects of Kingdom Come than Baotomi does, and is marked by Varuna. Her Brand is located on the inside of her left wrist, and takes the shape of a small black tear-drop surrounded by a mouth in the shape of a hurricane.

  • Varuna: male, patterns himself after a . His element is water.

Ipswitch – The Beggar-King; leader of Ouroboros.

Kisaragi “Jin” Jinsuke – The Accomplice; the closest thing Shinra could call a friend during the four years he spent infiltrating Ouroboros. Jin desperately wants Shinra to return and give up following Baotomi into–what he considers–death. Jin is an Artificial, meaning that his Brand did not appear at birth. He is marked by Quetzalcoatl, their Brand resembling an ouroboros made of feathers with four fangs perpendicular to each other in the middle of the circle.

  • Quetzalcoatl: male, patterns itself after a king cobra, or the mythical feathered snake of Aztec myth. His element is wind.

Lucifiel – The Guardian;

Ptolemy Corvino – The Officer; Ptolemy is a mirror of the life Baotomi could have had were he born from the “right” mother at the right time. As the legitimate second son of the Corvino family, he was given free rein on how he was to shape his life, and chose to devote himself entirely to “cleaning up” the city of the same kinds of people Baotomi surrounded himself with. Human.

Shinra Sidereal – The Protagonist; a member of Kingdom Come, basically the right hand of its leader, and marked by Agni. His Brand is in the shape of a black crown filled with feathers at the junction of his neck and shoulder.

  • Agni: female, patterns herself after a bearded vulture. Her element is fire.

Sidhe Leclair – The Mechanic; Kingdom’s youngest female member and resident mechanical genius. She acts her age — sixteen — in almost every sense of the word, and is only tolerated by the older members of Kingdom for her mechanical expertise. Despite her apparent naivete, she knows very well what Kingdom does. Human.

Squall – The Gunman;


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