Glossary of Terms

The City — Waaaay advanced from the current era. This is not your City, and nor is it likely to be any City you’ve ever heard of. The City that is the main setting of the book has existed for so long that no one even remembers what the place is really called, or even what year it really should be. The general consensus amongst the people is that the City is called just that – The City, and that time is still lingering somewhere in the double thousands. Knowing this, however, still doesn’t make it a world that you or anyone you know would be used to: all neon-signs and fast, pulsating lights, high-rises that punch into the sky, and everything that can fly, does — even parts of the city itself.

—Places in the City; Yamato, Loghain, Halcyon Bay, Persephone.

Cycle — A measurement of time, equal to approximately eight days.

Nevnx Corporation, The — (lit: Neh-Vin-Ecks), a megacoporation that owns much of the City. It was one of the first business empires that touched down on the planet when it was being terraformed, and as such had rights to a good half of the planet by the time the Emerald King rose up and unified state, church, and economy. Since no one remembers this, though, the megacorporation is treated as just that: the singular, all-encompassing entity that controls everything and every one, from the drugs found on the streets to the corporations that produce them.


Aesir — Biomechanical cops, usually deathsquads.

Vanir — Human cops.

District Elevator

Mimeotech Industries — A smegacoporation whose chief business practice is making biological weapons of war.

Masqued — The Masqued are the original inhabitants of the planet, their race so named because the masks that they carry with them at all times contains their “soul”. Upon the arrival of the Nevnx corporation, the billion strong race was driven into near extinction, their strongest hunted down and slaughtered simply because their masks could confer immortality when worn by a human.

Hunter-Killers — Cyborgs designed by Mimeotech to hunt down and kill or capture targets. Their lethality is denoted by the roman numerals on their bodies, ranging from I-IV; first generation Hunter-Killers are mostly used to scout, or police areas while third and fourth are military-grade District destroyers owned by only the most influential of corporate heads.

Metalworker, a — A City-wide subculture obsessed not with how different they are from those around them, but instead how inhuman they are in comparison. Metalworkers spend years and years modifying their bodies with both legal and illegal cybernetic implants, becoming less human and more machine over time. They are commonly referred to as “Techies” or “Synths” by the general populace, and mostly include engineers, smiths, hackers, and would-be cyber-terrorists in their number.

Gank — A colloqialism used mainly by teenagers and young adults; its original context regards stealing of “cheaply” harming another, usually resulting in death.

Alice, an — A human whore. Its robotic counter-part is, of course, an Automated Alice.

Clown — A drug.


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